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Digital signage is a network of customizable displays that can be controlled electronically using a computer, allowing content to be changed remotely for the most targeted messaging possible. Digital signage can be used for a wide variety of purposes including customer facing applications such as advertising, influencing audience behavior, brand building, interactive kiosks, up selling products and services and more. We work to make public services more personal to create a better customer experience.

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dda interactive sign

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Current Project

Hudson County, Department of Parks
Lincoln Park | Jersey City, NJ

As a lifelong Jersey City Resident, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised and shocked to discover the placement of the digital sign at Mallory and Communipaw Avenue.  It was like a complete revival of my senses had taken place! I think that additional signs should be placed throughout the city to “wake” people up.  So often we travel through our days in a completely transient state, not engaging with the people, places or things in our environment…though as simple as it is – this sign is a pure example of visual engagement! I applaud Jersey City and Dynamic Digital Air for supplying a source engagement with our the quote states above, it allows for recalibration and provides vibrancy and life to an area that sees so much foot and vehicular traffic. I hope to see more digital signage throughout my city…I feel engaged and completely connected. The power of the image…great Job Jersey City …great execution by Dynamic Digital Air!

Ashlee Sullivan

Development Manager & Leasing Associate • Kearny Point, NJ

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